About Us

Shanghai Tuohe Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional foreign trade companies and manufacturers in china.。
Through years of efforts, we have established ourselves as an international trade, manufacturing and marketing company, specializing in a variety of Electric Tricycle, Electric Scooter and all spare parts etc., they are all over the world. Our products are sold in the United States, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia and other markets is not good, this is due to our reliable quality and reasonable price. We can not only deal with CBU, CKD, SKD, but also help our customers to build their own factories, the establishment of production lines, according to their different needs of the detection line, etc.
Our factory is located in the coastal areas of Shanghai in China. At present, we have more than 1000 experienced, well-trained workers and professional and technical staff of about 85, in our factory, the 200000sq surface area. Full range of motorcycles, motorcycles, electric tricycle gasoline tricycle, we provide is from our professional import production equipment manufacturing. It can produce hundreds of 250cc of the 50cc of the motorcycle with the displacement. It has 300000 motorcycles and scooters, the annual throughput of 10000 all terrain vehicles, 50000 electric tricycle and gasoline tricycle. We have always focused on quality to keep our customers satisfied. Our scientific management and quality system ISO 9001 certification, in accordance with the European Community E-mark standards, EPA / points, our design and production will ensure that you work with us. After sales service and fast delivery guarantee. In addition, we have the ability to follow the current trend in the global range of flexibility, according to customer's needs to customize our products.
 Our business philosophy is very simple: integrity and honesty. So we have a good reputation in the automobile and motorcycle industry. We will always adhere to this policy.
How can we help you?
You can fax or email us. Or visit our website www.tuohe.com 
We look forward to building a partnership with you in the near future.